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Wazo (2006)

Track listing:

1.   Laced   (download)
2.   If I   (download)
3.   Tired Souls   (download)
4.   In Face Of   (download)
5.   Amané   (download)
6.   My Cup Don't Shine   (download)
7.   If You Use Me   (download)
8.   She Wanders   (download)
9.   Fast Ride   (download)
10.   Sky Blue Lights   (download)

Have the CD shipped to your door (US/Canada) for $12.50 CAD:

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Now Available on iTunes, Awarestore, CD Baby, Je l'ai in Montreal, Fred's Records in St. John's, and more.

Touch the Sky (2008)

Touch the Sky

Track listing:

1.   Touch the Sky   (download)
2.   You Tried to Shut Their Voices   (download)
3.   Slick Fiction   (download)